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The Chamber of Stone[1] is a location in Twilight Princess.

Features and Overview[]

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The Chamber of Stone resembles the Temple of Time as it appeared in Ocarina of Time, with the altar for the Spiritual Stones replaced by the Giants, and the warp pad depicting the Light Medallion replaced with a nondescript Triforce tile where Link had to howl Zelda's Lullaby to awaken the Giants. The entrance is expanded with a staircase leading up to the Door of Time, which has been moved there and replaced with a different door controlled by the Giants. In addition, on two sides of the staircase, two Owl Statues have been placed. One hides a Imp Poe and the other a Treasure Chest.[clarification needed]

On either side of the entrance to the Pedestal of the Master Sword chamber, Hylian characters can be found repeating four phrases on loop. Using the top-left as the first, they read "SANCTUARY" "MASTER SWORD" "COPY ROD" "STONE STATUE" in that order.

In the Pedestal Chamber itself, the Pedestal of Time is replaced with a nondescript dais upon which is a raised rectangular platform with the new pedestal resting there. When visiting from the future, Link thrusts the Master Sword into the pedestal, which creates a staircase of light leading up to the back window, beyond which lies an expanded area not seen before or there-after. Almost immediately after, Ooccoo appears and dashes up the stairs, revealing the back window's false nature.


  • When Link returns to the main hall from the dungeon, the area is still described as the Sacred Grove.