"A spear modelled after the Lightscale Trident wielded by Zora Champion Mipha. They may be identical in appearance, but this spear's strength and durability are inferior."
Hyrule Compendium

The Ceremonial Trident is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Zora spear based on the Lightscale Trident used by the Champion Mipha and was crafted by Dento to be used for ceremonial purposes during the Champion Festival. Link can find it by using the Magnesis Rune in the water under the northwest bridge in Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region. The Trident apparently belonged to the Zora Elder Trello who dropped it. While it is physically identical to the Lightscale Trident in appearance its attack power and durability are inferior, however it can be obtained before completing Vah Ruta and has 2 more points of base attack power than the Silverscale Spear making it the second strongest Zora made spear after the Lightscale Trident. It is equal to the Silverscale Spear in terms of base durability.


The Ceremonial Trident is unique as the only non-Champion armaments that can be reforged. It can be reforged by Dento the Zora blacksmith in Zora's Domain who can be found in the backroom of Marot Mart next to Coral Reef if it breaks after obtaining it however Dento will only reforged it if Link has acquired Mipha's Lightscale Trident from King Dorephan after freeing Vah Ruta. As a result it might be best not to acquire it or store it in Link's House if acquired. The required components are the same as the Lightscale Trident, minus the Diamond required of all other Champions armaments.

However, a bug makes it so that the weapon cannot be reforged if it is left on the ground and vanishes when out of view or after a Blood Moon after obtaining it, making the Trident lost forever. Even if the bug occurs, Link can still randomly acquire its Hyrule Compendium entry by purchasing weapon pictures from Symin at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Weapon Required No. Materials No.
Zora Spear 1 Flint 5

Shrine Quest

Main article: The Ceremonial Song

During the Shrine quest "The Ceremonial Song", Link must use the Ceremonial Trident (or Lightscale Trident) to perform a Downthrust on the Sheikah plate at Veiled Falls to make the Dagah Keek Shrine appear.


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