This article is about the Link's Awakening location. For the location from A Link to the Past, see Graveyard. For the location from Oracle of Seasons, see Subrosia Cemetery.

The Cemetery is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A region of Koholint Island, it is located roughly in the center of the map, bordered by Kanalet Castle to the east; Ukuku Prairie to the south; Koholint Prairie and the Mysterious Woods to the west; and Tal Tal Heights, Tabahl Wasteland, and the Wind Fish's Egg to the North.

The only graveyard on Koholint Island, the Cemetery is infested with Ghinis and Zombies. In the Game Boy Color remake of the game, Link's Awakening DX, the entrance to the Color Dungeon is found in the Cemetery by pushing headstones in the south-eastern section of the region. The order in which these tombstones are to be moved is chronicled in the Color Dungeon Book. The south-eastern headstone in the south-western part of the Cemetery hides a passageway to a cave with a Piece of Heart. The same cave can be accessed through another passageway to the west of the Cemetery.



The Cemetery

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