Cawlin is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Along with his roommate Strich, he is one of Groose's lackeys, and can often be seen massaging Groose's arms; however, he appears to be on friendly terms with Link when not acting in this capacity. He is described as a conniving character who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, and his affiliation with Groose appears to be wholly out of self-interest.


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Cawlin is first seen together with Groose and Strich in the southwestern part of Skyloft. Link's Crimson Loftwing has gone missing, and Link suspects Groose and his crew are involved in order to sabotage his winning chances in the Wing Ceremony. Link eventually recovers his Loftwing, which had been hidden and imprisoned on the underside of Skyloft. After Zelda is kidnapped and Groose eventually leaves the Knight Academy to find her, Cawlin takes over his room.

Cawlin has a crush on Karane, a senior at the Knight Academy, and wishes to win her over. After meeting the ghost Phoeni in the bathroom at night, Link is given the opportunity to help Cawlin with his dilemma the following morning. Cawlin has written Karane a heartfelt love letter, and asks Link to deliver it to her. Once in his possession, Link can choose to deliver the letter to either Karane or Phoeni; either scenario will yield him the reward of five Gratitude Crystals.

If Link brings Cawlin's Letter to Karane, she is touched by his words of love, and initially decides to take Cawlin up on his offer and meet with him in the classroom to discuss their date. Meanwhile, Link informs Pipit of the current situation, who runs to the classroom to voice his feelings for Karane before it is too late. Torn between two suitors, Karane ultimately chooses Pipit, causing Cawlin to run away crying. She later admits to feeling sorry for him.

If Link gives the letter to Phoeni, Cawlin sinks into a state of depression as Link delivered the letter to the "weirdo in the restroom" despite his express instructions not to do so. If Link enters Groose's room at night, he finds Phoeni caressing Cawlin in his sleep; Phoeni has mistaken the letter of love to be written for her, and is now utterly convinced of Cawlin's love for her. If Link speaks to Cawlin about it during the daytime, he believes his recent nightmares to be Groose's "revenge" on him.

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As many residents of Skyloft seem to be named after birds, it is possible that Cawlin is named after a macaw, or perhaps after a crow's call (caw, caw!) mixed with the name Colin, much like how Owlan may be derived from "owl" and "Alan."

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