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Cavern is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. Its entrance is locked by the Iron Door, which Zelda can only open with the use of the Large Brass Key.

Features and Overview[]

Many Gibdos roam the inside of the dark cavern, and as soon as Zelda enters the mysterious place, the door will close behind her. As Zelda is traveling through the cavern, she then hears the sound of Gibdos approaching her from behind, and although she says she can outrun these enemies, more Gibdos appear on the other side. Zelda realizes that neither a dagger nor a normal Arrow can pierce through the Gibdos, commenting to herself that she'd need Magic Arrows to defeat these foes.

If Zelda picked up the Magic Arrows in Midoro Palace, the young hero will shoot one of them at a Gibdo, causing it to burst into flames and thus scare the other Gibdos away. This will free a Blue Fairy, who will thank Zelda by healing her and providing her the help she needs by giving her the Fairy's Scroll The scroll gives a riddle which reveals the three items that Zelda must gather in order to free Link from the Crystal.

Zelda continues to travel through the cavern and comes up to a wall, just then hearing more Gibdos approaching. She tries to find a way out of the cavern and spots a small door in a shallow alcove of rock near the end of the wall, and using all her might, she sprints over the cavern floor. Zelda gets through the door and closes it shut, freeing herself from the Gibdos. As she is walking down the cavern trying to figure out the meaning of the riddle, she bumps into a set of doors, one which is locked and the other one unlocked. Although the Large Brass Key does not fit into the locked door, she realizes something important must be behind it. If Zelda has the Witch's Ring, she can use it to place it on the keyhole and make the door open. She will then step into a small, empty chamber, which will cause for the room to turn and, when she exits the chamber, she will climb a set of stairs that lead her to the Magnifying Glass.

At this point, Zelda can either decide to leave the cavern or continue to explore. If she continues to explore the cave, she will head down a set of stairs but then realize that the stairs are collapsing, causing her to land with a heavy thud. The walls then begin to move in closer, and the book ends with a Game Over as Zelda realizes she is about to die. However, if Zelda leaves the cavern, she will eventually arrive at the Town of Ruto unharmed.