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The Cave of Ordeals is an optional Dungeon in Twilight Princess.[1]

Themes and Navigation[]

Cave of Ordeals

A floor inside the Cave of Ordeals

The Cave of Ordeals is located below the Gerudo Mesa, and can be accessed any time after restoring the Bridge of Eldin, as warping the Bridge back to its original location will reveal the Cave's entrance. The Dungeon contains a total of fifty floors; however, to make it into the deeper floors, Link will need several Items from further along in the game. Within the Cave, Link has to fight his way through hordes of enemies, and only by defeating each enemy within a floor will he be able to progress to the next floor.

After every ten floors, there is a Fountain in which the Great Fairy appears and rewards Link's efforts by releasing Fairies into the respective Spirit Spring,[2] before offering to Warp him outside to the surface.[3] Upon reaching the final floor, the Great Fairy there will reward the young hero with a Bottle full of Great Fairy's Tears.[4] The Great Fairy will also grant Link unlimited Great Fairy's Tears from the Spirit Spring, but only when he does not already have some in a Empty Bottle.[5]

In addition to ordinary enemies, Link can also find three Imp Poes in total on certain floors. Once they are defeated, the Imp Poes will no longer appear on their respective floors. Certain floors also contain recovery Hearts or valuable Rupees which can be found using Wolf Link's Senses.

Minor Enemies[]

Floor Content(s) Notes
1 Bokoblin
2 Rats
3 Baba Serpents One Heart is buried on this floor.
4 Skulltulas
5 Bulblin Archer
6 Torch Slugs
7 Dodongos Three Hearts are buried on this floor.
Fire Keese
8 Blue Tektites
Red Tektites
9 Bulblin Archer
10 Great Fairy
11 Helmasaurs The Spinner is required to proceed past this floor.
13× Rats
12 Large Purple Chu
13 Chu Worms
14 15× Bubbles An Orange Rupee is buried on this floor.
15 10× Bulblins
16 Rats
17 Imp Poe
10× Stalhounds
18 Leevers One Heart is buried on this floor.
19 Yellow Chu It is possible for a Rare Chu to appear on this floor.
Red Chu
Blue Chus
36× Purple Chus
20 Great Fairy
21 Bokoblins The Ball and Chain is required to proceed past this floor.
Ice Keese
22 Keese Three Hearts are buried on this floor.
10× Ghoul Rats
23 25× Stalchildren
24 Gibdos
25 Bulblin Archer
26 Stalfos
27 Skulltulas One Heart is buried on this floor.
28 Lizalfos
29 Stalfos
Fire Bubbles
12× Stalchildren
30 Great Fairy
31 Beamos The Dominion Rod is required to proceed past this floor.
32 Dodongos
Torch Slugs
Fire Keese
Fire Bubbles
33 Imp Poe
34 10× Ghoul Rats One Heart is buried on this floor.
Yellow Chu
Red Chu
Purple Chus
35 Freezard
Ice Keese
36 Chilfos
37 Leevers
Ice Bubbles
38 Freezards
Ice Bubbles
Ice Keese
39 Darknuts A Silver Rupee is buried on this floor.
40 Great Fairy
41 Armos The Double Clawshots are required to proceed past this floor.
42 Baba Serpents
43 Lizalfos
Bulblin Archer
44 Imp Poe
45 Bulblin Archer Three Hearts are buried on this floor.
Blue Chu
Red Chus
Purple Chus
46 Freezards
10× Ghoul Rats
47 Bokoblin
17× Rats
48 Darknut
49 Darknuts
50 Great Fairy


  • Reaching the 10th floor releases Fairies into Ordon Spring.
  • Reaching the 20th floor releases Fairies into Faron Spring.
  • Reaching the 30th floor releases Fairies into Eldin Spring.
  • Reaching the 40th floor releases Fairies into the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru.
  • Reaching the 50th floor fills a Bottle with Great Fairy's Tears.[4] It also allows Link to collect more Great Fairy's Tears by revisiting any of the Spirit Springs, so long as he does not already have some in a Bottle.[5]


  • The Cave of Ordeals plays the same role as the Savage Labyrinth from The Wind Waker; the difference being that the Cave of Ordeals requires the main items from the Lakebed Temple, Arbiter's Grounds, Snowpeak Ruins, Temple of Time, and the City in the Sky in order to explore all of the floors and fully clear it. Another difference is that the Cave of Ordeals is completely optional, while the first 31 rooms of the Savage Labyrinth must be completed in order to progress in the game.
  • The second time completing the Cave, on the last ledge before the Great Fairy, the Postman can be found squatting down trying to read a Letter.
  • A cheat used for debugging purposes was accidentally left in the North American Wii 1.0 release of Twilight Princess. If Link uses the Gale Boomerang to extinguish the Torchlights on almost any floor of the Cave of Ordeals, the following room's door will be opened without the need to defeat any enemies. This cheat was disabled in all other regions and revisions of the game.[6][7]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 試練の洞窟 (Shiren no Dōkutsu) Cave of Trials
French Republic FrenchEU Caverne de l'ordalie Cavern of the ordeal
Federal Republic of Germany German Drillhöhle Drill Cave
Italian Republic Italian Grotta della prova Cave of the trial
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Caverna de las Pruebas Cavern of Trials

See Also[]


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