The Cave of No Return is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This massive cavern in the Whereabouts of the Wind connects Lake Hylia to Hyrule Castle. It is very dimly lit and is nearly impossible to navigate without the help of Lamps, which can be found near the entrance. The cave is scattered with floor traps and seemingly bottomless pits.

Ghosts of fallen adventurers who have attempted to pass through the Cave of No Return can be met periodically. They offer advice to Link on his way through the cave.


The Links traversing the Cave of No Return

In addition to Lamps, Link can also find a Blue Bracelet and the Bow which can be used to light multiple Torches at once in the next room. Upon lighting the torches, a large chasm and many Keese are revealed. After Link defeats the Keese, a bridge appears, and many Force Gems fall onto it.

After navigating a short maze, Link must fight Shadow Link, the final enemy of the stage. After Link defeats him and breaks the barrier, the passage to Hyrule Castle opens.

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