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The following articles lack citations. All articles in this category contain pieces of information that are possibly false and require verification to be kept on the article. This category also contains subcategories that separate this large list by piece of media, and all of these categories are hidden from view in the mainspace.

To remove articles from this category, you must either:

  • Add a citation next to the skeptical information on the article. For more information on how to add citations effectively, see Guidelines:References.
  • Remove the information from the article if you are confident that it is untrue and cannot find any references to back it up. If the information in question is an entire article, you may use the {{Delete}} template to mark the article for deletion.

To add articles to this category, you can use one of these two templates:

  • {{Lacking Sources}}, if whole articles or sections generally lack citations. Place this underneath the header for the section in question, or in the case of an article, place it underneath the lead sentence and infobox.
  • {{Fact}}, if a specific portion of info needs a citation. Place this after the punctuation in the skeptical sentence.

If the information that needs a citation pertains to a specific game or other piece of media, you may add the abbreviation of said media to the template. For example, if a statement about Breath of the Wild seems untrue, you may use {{Fact|BotW}} to add it to the "Breath of the Wild Articles Lacking Sources" category.

Alongside the main subcategories that separate by piece of media, there are a few extra subcategories that group articles by other issues:


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Pages in category "Articles Lacking Sources"

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