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Cat Hunt is a Mini-Game in Twilight Princess.[1]


After Link routs the Bulblins in the Hidden Village, talks to Impaz, and helps Ilia recover her lost memories in Kakariko Village, he can return to the ruined town to find it inhabited by a vast population of cats. The young hero transforms into Wolf Link to communicate with one of them, and is told to speak to the Cucco (referred to as the Cucco Leader)[2] behind one of the western houses. Once he locates the Cucco, he proposes a challenge to the lycanthrope: to talk to every single cat living in the village.[3]


After the minigame starts, Link (always in wolf form) must start speaking to every cat he finds, and it seems that they realize the order in which they are found,[4] and they remember whether or not they already spoke to Link (as long as he is still playing with them, of course).[5] Some cats are wandering in the outer land, and others are inside the houses. When Link speaks with the 20th cat, he is told to return to where the Cucco is to be rewarded. The prize is a Piece of Heart, which waits for its new owner near the entrance to Impaz's house. Completing the minigame for a second time will make a Red Rupee appear buried in the ground near Impaz's house.

If Link leaves the village during the minigame, the cats to which he spoke will forget that Link spoke to them, which also means that he will have to restart the challenge. The same thing happens if he howls in front of the Howling Stone located near the Cucco's whereabouts.[6]


The music heard during the mini-game is the same music heard while Link assaults the village to remove the Bulblins.


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