This article is about the location from Spirit Tracks. For the location from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, see Hyrule Castle Town. For the location from The Minish Cap, see Hyrule Town.
Castle Town Sprite

Castle Town is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The capital of New Hyrule, it is located within the protective walls around Hyrule Castle. Castle Town is the largest urban center in the land and can be found in the Forest Realm. In Castle Town proper can be found the mini-game Take 'Em All On, the Cucco Salesman, as well as the Castle Town Shop.

Many side quests revolve around Castle Town. Link can bring a Goron child from Goron Village who desires to meet the princess to Castle Town; Link is then awarded with a Force Gem. Also, Link can buy Cuccos from the Cucco Salesman and bring them to a man in Aboda Village; Link can also bring Cuccos to Rael. For both of these deeds, Link is awarded with additional Force Gems. Yet another quest yielding a Force Gem that Link can perform is transporting fish to a woman who desires Fish Burgers. Subsequent fish deliveries will reward Link with a randomly chosen treasure.

Points of interest

Castle Town Shop

Main article: Castle Town Shop

Castle Town Shop is the local shop of Castle Town. It is located on the right side of town, close to Hyrule Castle. It sells basic wares, including Shields, Prize Postcards, Red Potions, and treasures.

Take 'Em All On

Main article: Take 'Em All On

Take 'Em All On is a mini-game stall run by Joynas. The stall is located on the right side of town, close to the train station. The objective of Take 'Em All On is to defeat enemies of increasing difficulty. Link can win a Heart Container, a Bomb Bag upgrade, and treasures.


Castle Town Map

Map of Castle Town

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