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Cassiopia is a character from the Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant. A healer of the Water Town of Saria, she is the wife of the River Man and the mother of Rus. She comes to the North Palace to inform Princess Zelda that Lynels have attacked Saria. With Link away, Zelda travels to the Water Town of Saria with Cassiopia to find the town in ruins. She fights off the monsters and finds that Rus has been gravely wounded. To seek revenge, Zelda travels to Ganon's lair to slay him once and for all, and is granted access by Darknut Prime. Once inside, however, she finds Miff the fairy locked in a cage. Zelda sets Miff free and the townspeople of Saria raid the hideout. Afterward, Miff heals Rus, making Cassiopia very thankful.

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