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Carry the Ice! is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

During "The Perfect Drink" Shrine Quest, Link will be tasked with retrieving Ice from the Northern Icehouse for Furosa.[3] She explains that Anche, the manager of the Icehouse, will allow him to take some once he explains the situation to her.[4] However, since she goes to sleep early, Link must retrieve the Ice during the day.[5] Furosa believes it would be too much to make him carry it all the way back to The Noble Canteen.[6] Therefore, she promises to meet him at the entrance to the ruins between Gerudo Town and the Northern Icehouse, at which point she will take the Ice from him.[7]

When Link arrives at the Northern Icehouse, Anche will allow him to take a block of Ice once he explains that it is for Furosa.[8] She warns Link that it will melt if he moves too slowly.[9] After this, he will be given the Ice, which he must bring through the ruins. Along the way, he will have to avoid Fire-Breath Lizalfos and Black Bokoblins, who will attack Link if they spot him.

Link must keep the Ice in the shade in order to prevent it from melting. If the Ice melts during the delivery, Anche will initially be disappointed.[10] However, she assures Link that even the Gerudo make mistakes and encourages him to try again.[11]

At the end of the ruins, Link will find Furosa waiting for him.[12][note 1][note 2] She is grateful that the Ice is in good condition,[15][16] and she believes she will be able to make the best Noble Pursuit ever.[17][18] Furosa asks Link to inform Pokki, who has collapsed at Misae Suma Shrine, about the drink she has prepared for her.[19][20] She says that when Pokki hears about it, she will come running.[21][22]

After the Shrine Quest has been completed, Anche will continue to ask Link to deliver Ice to Furosa on her behalf.[23] While she would normally do it herself, the monsters congregating in the ruins have made her hesitant to leave her post.[24] Now, she charges Link 50 Rupees to make a delivery,[1] but she promises that Furosa will reimburse him.[25]

When Link reaches Furosa, she will reward him based on how quick his delivery was. If it took Link more than two minutes to pass through the ruins, Furosa will call him a professional.[26] As payment for his services, Furosa offers Link a Silver Rupee.[27] She also remarks that Anche seems happy managing the Northern Icehouse and that her job suits her.[28] Alternatively, if Link makes it to Furosa in less than two minutes, she will be shocked by his speed.[29] Furosa tells Link that he exceeded her expectations and calls him a savant.[30] In this scenario, she gives Link a Gold Rupee as a reward.[31] Due to how happy the Ice seems, Furosa believes that Anche must be happy as well.[32]

Once she has given Link his reward, Furosa asks him if he would be willing to retrieve more Ice for her, as she needs a lot in order to make cocktails.[33] She reminds Link that he will have to pay Anche 50 Rupees for another delivery.[34] If Link agrees, Furosa informs him that she will be awaiting his arrival.[35] Alternatively, if Link refuses, Furosa tells him to speak to Anche when he would like to help again.[36]


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  1. If Link is not carrying the block of Ice or it is not in range when he speaks to Furosa, she will ask him to retrieve it.[13]
  2. If Link is not wearing the Gerudo Outfit, Furosa will notice he is a man, but she does not care.[14]


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