"Well Come! I am selling stuff, strange and rare, from all over the world to everybody. Today's special is... A dangerous, running object! Terrifying! I won't tell you what it is until I see the money...."
— Carpet Merchant

The Carpet Merchant is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As his name implies, he is a merchant who peddles his wares from atop a flying carpet in the middle of the Haunted Wasteland. He is easily recognizable by his distinctive hairstyle that overshadows his body.


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In his own words, the Carpet Merchant sells "stuff, strange and rare". The flying carpet on which he sits is situated directly above a pit of quicksand, and is difficult to access without the use of the Hover Boots. Once spoken to, the Carpet Merchant pitches his merchandise, taking great care not to reveal the identity of his product.

If Link purchases his mystery special for 200 Rupees, it is revealed to be 10 Bombchus; this transaction constitutes a terrible bargain on Link's part, as Link can buy 20 Bombchus for nearly the same price at the Bombchu Shop in Hyrule Castle Town. However, the Bombchu Shop has finite stock, and after Link has bought out their entire supply, the Carpet Merchant becomes the only place to purchase more. After being spoken to, regardless of whether he has made a sale, the Carpet Merchant will point him in the right direction of the stone monument Link must reach to gain help from the Phantom Guide.

During the end credits sequence, the Carpet Merchant can be seen sitting on his flying carpet at Lon Lon Ranch, being joined by the Bean Seller and the Lake Scientist.

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