Carock (カロック Karokku?) is the boss of Maze Island Palace, the fourth dungeon in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Carock's appearance is that of a very tall, red-robed Wizzrobe with a face-obscuring hood, revealing only its deathly white eyes in the darkness. Both his appearance and pattern of movement are different in the Japanese version of the game. In the Japanese version as well as promotional artwork for Carock, it appears to face outwards towards the screen, whereas the American version makes it face towards Link, likely because the programmer believed that it made more sense to alter the sprite thusly.


Carock can be easily damaged with the help of the Reflect Spell. By far the fastest way for Link to defeat it is to simply move to one of the far edges of the room. From here, he can simply crouch, allowing him to reflect all of Carock's spells and making it nearly impossible for Link to take damage from them.

While extremely difficult due to his constant teleportation, it is possible to defeat Carock by hitting it with Link's sword.


Carock (The Adventure of Link)

Carock (The Adventure of Link)


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Carock bears a striking resemblance to the Magician from the The Adventure of Link prologue. The Magician is never seen in-game, but there are pictures of him in the instruction manual for The Adventure of Link; these pictures greatly resemble Carock. Though nothing is ever mentioned about this, it is possible that the two share some kind of connection. The Magician himself, however, is explained to have died before the events of the game itself as a direct result of the spell that resulted in Zelda's comatose nature. However, it is possible he is simply the Magician brought back to life, since many of the enemies throughout the Legend of Zelda series are undead.

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