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Carben is a character from Spirit Tracks.[3] He is a member of the Lokomo race and Guardian of the Ocean Realm who resides in the Ocean Sanctuary.[1] Like the rest of the Lokomo people, Carben possesses a sacred instrument, his being the flute, which generates energy to power the Spirit Tracks when played with another sacred instrument.[4] Carben also has the ability to communicate with birds.[5]


In order to access the chamber of the sanctuary in which Carben is located, Link must trace the paths of the stone statues' gazes that are scattered throughout the sanctuary.[6] Once he draws the correct figure on a panel, the door to the chamber will open only to reveal an empty room with a note left by Carben that mentions he is in Papuchia Village visiting his bird friends.[7] Link and Princess Zelda venture to Papuchia Village and find Carben riding up in the air with the accompaniment of a few birds.[2] After Princess Zelda fails to get his attention by yelling out his name[8], they visit the Wise One to get some advice on how to get him to come down. Link, by word of the Wise One, then plays the "Song of Discovery" which reveals a Air Stone with the melody of the "Song of Birds". Using this melody, Link is able to bring Carben down from the air, who will then be asked to be taken to his sanctuary in order to help the young duo in their quest to restore the Spirit Tracks.[9]

On the trip back to the sanctuary, Link's Spirit Train is raided by pirates, which the young hero must fend off from Carben to protect him.[10] If Link does not prevent the Miniblins and the Big Blin from reaching Carben, they will catch the Lokomo in a cage, ending up in a Game Over. Once the young hero successfully defeats the Pirates and safely reaches the Ocean Sanctuary, Carben will reward with a Force Gem that reveals more Spirit Tracks in the Forest Realm.[11] Link, after talking to Carben inside the sanctuary, plays a Lokomo Song along with the elderly Lokomo to restore the tracks leading to the underwater area where the Ocean Temple sleeps.

During the final battle against Malladus, Princess Zelda sings a duet with Link, and soon after this, all five of the Lokomos, including Carben, join in to form a full orchestrated version of the piece. This melody weakens Malladus and reveals a weak spot in his back, which is necessary to defeat the Demon King once and for all.[12]

Carben is last seen during the ending credits when Anjean, along with the rest of the Lokomos, departs towards the heavens after the defeat of the Demon King since their protection is no longer needed in the land of Hyrule.[13]


Carben's name is phonetically identical to carbon, the element of which coal is composed.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseセンリン (Senrin)[14]
Latin AmericaSpanishLABobin[20]
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