Carben (センリン? Senrin) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A member of the Lokomo tribe, Carben resides within the Ocean Sanctuary.


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When Link and Princess Zelda arrive at the Ocean Sanctuary, they find a note left behind by Carben, who has travelled to Papuchia Village to visit his friends, the birds. Link plays the "Song of Birds" and gets Carben's attention. He commands one of the birds carrying him to lower him to the ground. After listening to Link and Zelda's explanation, he agrees to return with them to the Ocean Sanctuary.

On the way there, the Spirit Train is attacked by a pirate ship of Miniblins and a Big Blin. Link must defeat the enemies before they can put a cage around Carben. Once they are defeated, the train continues on to the Ocean Sanctuary. Carben and Link play a musical duet on Carben's flute and Link's Spirit Flute to restore the path to the Ocean Temple, as well as most of the Spirit Tracks in the Ocean Realm.

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"Carben" is likely a derivative of the word carbon, which is a reference to coal, a form of carbon.

His Japanese name, Senrin, is Japanese for "leading wheel".

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