"It seems that giant chunk of rock above us hasn't caught your eye! At this time every year, we are overrun by tourists! So why is the town empty? Clearly, it's your job to ensure the carnival's operation, but that's if people are here for it! Don't drag the merchants and soldiers into this!"
— Captain Viscen

Captain Viscen, the Corps Recruiter, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the commander of the Clock Town Soldiers. He believes it is in every citizen's best interests to evacuate the city before the Moon strikes Clock Town. Unlike Hyrulean Soldiers from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Captain Viscen and his guards play a marginally important role, blocking Deku Link from leaving Clock Town, and several have their own side quests.

Captain Viscen resembles the guards inside of Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time when Zelda is spying on Ganondorf.


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As Link arrives in the Mayor's Office, Captain Viscen and one of his guards can be seen quarreling with Mutoh and his Carpenters about a possible evacuation, as the Moon is looming closer to Termina, threatening to destroy it. Viscen supports the evacuation, but Mutoh demands that the real danger is outside the city walls and that the Carnival of Time must go on. Viscen appears to lose this debate, as there are fireworks (but not much festivity) in Clock Town on the Night of the Final Day.

If Link approaches the debating parties while wearing the Couple's Mask, Mayor Dotour will be reminded of the Carnival and its meaning to the people. The Mayor gets both parties to agree, as he orders that those who wish to evacuate can do so, while those choosing to remain behind are free to do this, as well. However if Link does not show the Couple's Mask to Mayor Dotour, Captain Viscen and one of his guards can be found in the waiting room outside the Mayor's office comtemplating that the other Soldiers are still waiting for the order to evacuate. In the end credits sequence, Captain Viscen can be seen at Anju and Kafei's wedding.

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