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Captain Stalfos is the boss of the Pirate Hideaway, the second dungeon in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. The captain is a very large Stalfos in charge of a crew of undead pirates. Although he is empowered by a Super Rupee that gives him great strength, he tends to stay back at the hideaway and allow the First Mate to handle most duties. When Tingle tries to join the pirate crew, Captain Stalfos is willing to let him be a pirate, but only after performing the ceremony to sear Tingle's flesh from his body. Tingle subsequently refuses, and Captain Stalfos uses force in what becomes the dungeon's boss battle. This battle is very reminiscent of Punch-Out!!.

After Captain Stalfos is defeated, he shatters into bones, and is placed into a bowl. Despite this, he allows his crew to work with Tingle from time to time by allowing Tingle to use the Bone Ocarina.

Later, Captain Stalfos' head is possessed by the Beetle King Death Bug's offspring and Tingle has to use Tingle Bombs to shake off the monsters. As a reward for Tingle's efforts, the captain upgrades Tingle's Bone Ocarina so he can dig up all the treasure that the pirates had buried.


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Seeing as Captain Stalfos' crew is very similar to the Piratians from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, it is possible that they are indeed one and the same, and that Captain Stalfos is Cap'n. This seems plausible due to the striking similarities in appearance between the two characters. One major counterargument to this notion, however, is that Captain Stalfos' hook is on his left hand, while Cap'n's is on his right.

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