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The Captain Construct I is the weakest version of Captain Constructs. It appears in Tears of the Kingdom.

Hyrule Compendium Entry

155 (XXX) Captain Construct I
An elite Soldier Construct, hence its "captain" title. Made by the Zonai with advanced techniques and magic. As a standard-rank member of the captain class, its combat functions are more sophisticated than those of Soldier Constructs. It can use Fuse to enhance its weapons.
Common Locations
Great Sky Island
Rising Island Chain


The Captain Construct I has a special move depending on the type of their weapon. If they have a spear, they will perform a fast and devastating thrust charge that is difficult to dodge if you don’t focus your attention on him. If they have a two-handed weapon, they will make the same attack they would do if they had a spear. If they have a one-handed weapon ( a sword ), they will perform a kind of plunging strike by above.