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Captains are high ranking Force soldiers in Hyrule Warriors.[name reference needed] Depending on the Force, a Captain may be an ally or an enemy.

Hyrule Warriors[]


Coliseum Receptionist fulfill similar roles to that of infantry soldiers. Their most basic objective is to combat enemy soldiers and to move in to take over Keeps and Outposts Unlike the weaker soldiers however, Coliseum Receptionist are stronger and more resilient, and are able to fulfill other needs based on their type. Coliseum Receptionist are commonly seen as Keep Bosses and Outpost Captains, who guard Keeps and Outposts respectively, as well as regular Coliseum Receptionist that fight on the battlefield. Some Coliseum Receptionist may also lead unit troops onto the field, thereby increasing their Force's numbers.

Notable Coliseum Receptionist are listed in the battle's Battlefield Info. An ally Coliseum Receptionist that is in danger of falling will call upon for assistance, and can be healed to full health by touching the Rescue Area circle that forms around them. Enemy Coliseum Receptionist typically have Weak Point Gauges that are exposed after performing a powerful attack, though this also depends on the type of enemy they are as well.

Types of Captains[]

Besides the Coliseum Receptionist that fight normally on the battlefield, other types of Coliseum Receptionist also appear, with some specific to certain battles. Each type fulfills a different and sometimes specific role.

Type Modes Purpose and Effects
Advanced Copycat Adventure Mode Captains that appear to duplicate themselves quicker than normal Copycat Soldiers into a dark version of the warrior they are aiding. If the warrior is defeated, the Advanced Copycats will retreat from the battlefield.
Assault Troop Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Assault Troops appear to target a commander and deal heavy damage to them.
Bombchu Operator Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Appears in "Land of Myth" in Legend Mode. They are Captains that operate Bombchus to attack Keeps. If they are defeated, their Bombchu may be claimed and sent back to attack enemy Keeps.
Commando Legend Mode Appears in "The Shadow King". They are Captains Zant summons to attack and capture Agitha, thereby forcing her to retreat. Two appear and may be defeated to save Agitha.
Copycat Soldier Adventure Mode Copycat Soldiers appear around an enemy warrior preparing to transform into a dark duplicate of that warrior. If the warrior is defeated, the transformation will stop.
Engineer Legend Mode Appears in "The Sorceress of the Valley". The Engineer is summoned to lower a critical drawbridge leading to the Valley's northern ruins. He must be safely escorted to the specified destination.
Fairy Hunter Adventure Mode Appears in certain battles of the Termina Map. They carry a white Fairy that, when rescued, causes enemies to drop Silver Rupees for a short amount of time.
Fortifier Captain Adventure Mode Advances to Keeps controlled by their respective Forces to strengthen them by raising the Morale of the Keep's troops. They retreat upon having successfully fortified a Keep.
Gatekeeper Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Guards closed gates to certain areas and must be defeated to open them.
Guard Troop Legend Mode Appears in each campaign in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition to guard a keep that contains a treasure, such as a Piece of Heart.
Healer Adventure Mode Heals enemy Forces when they are low on health.
Heart Transport Captain Adventure Mode Drops Hearts once defeated.
Item Thief Adventure Mode Steals usable items, such as Bombs, before temporarily retreating and reappearing elsewhere. They can steal multiple items at a time and must be defeated to get them back.
Item Transporters Adventure Mode Drops Weapons once defeated.
Keep Boss Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Appears solely inside Keeps once the Keep Meter is depleted. They appear as moving fortress icons on the map. Defeating them will claim the Keep.
Keep Reclaimer Adventure Mode Keep Reclaimers appear in missions where the Warrior has to claim 6 keeps before the Rogue Forces. They appear on the Enemy Forces side and attacks Keeps from either side to regain control. They do just as much damage to keeps like Keep Saboteurs.
Keep Saboteur Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Appearing in A War of Spirit, Keep Saboteurs are known to attack and deal strong damage to enemy keeps.
Lord of the Horde Adventure Mode
Challenge Mode
Being the main leader of several other enemies that are the same species of itself.
Magic Thief Adventure Mode Steals a Warrior's Magic before temporarily retreating and reappearing elsewhere.
Magic Transport Captain Adventure Mode Drops Magic Jars once defeated.
Outpost Captain Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Occupies Outposts. Defeating them will claim the Outpost.
Raid Captain Adventure Mode Advances in pairs to capture enemy Outposts and Keeps. Allied Raid Captains also commonly appear to capture opposing Keeps. While they prioritize Keeps, they will also stop to capture Outposts en-route as well.
Rally Captain Adventure Mode Raises the Morale of a Force's troops outside of Keeps. Unlike Fortifier Captains, they do not disappear after having completed their objective and will advance to raise another troop's Morale if uninhibited.
Recon Soldier Adventure Mode Tracks down the warrior and begins to call in reinforcements when they have encountered the Warrior.
Rupee Captain Adventure Mode Appears in certain battles of the Termina Map. They carry a significant amount of Rupees in battles which opposing Forces compete for the highest amount of Rupees collected. They release their collection of Rupees upon defeat.
Rupee Thief Adventure Mode Steals Rupees before temporarily retreating and reappearing elsewhere.
Scout Captain Adventure Mode Summons other Captains onto the battlefield.
Sealed Troop Legend Mode Appears in "Liberation of the Triforce" to weaken the power of the Light Arrows.
Siege Captain Adventure Mode Targets specific enemy Keeps as scripted events, unlike Raid Captains who assault Keeps indiscriminately. If they are not defeated after a set amount of time upon entering a Keep, they will greatly decrease the number of defensive troops within, allowing the Keep Meter to decrease faster.
Summoner Legend Mode
Adventure Mode
Summons additional enemy troops onto the battlefield, often around Warriors to surround them.
Triforce Transport Captain Adventure Mode Drops Force Fragments once defeated.
Turncoat Leader Legend Mode Appears in "Sealed Ambition". Commands the Turncoat Soldiers on Ghirahim's orders. He must be found and defeated to prevent more Turncoat Soldiers from appearing.
Turncoat Soldier Legend Mode Appears in "Sealed Ambition". They are Skyloft Captains that have been brainwashed and turned traitorous by Ghirahim. They will attack ally troops, and will continuously spawn until the Turncoat Leader is found and defeated.
Wandering Spirit Adventure Mode When appears, he begins to have a growing grudge against the warrior and would soon multiply into 3 before launching attack at the Warrior.

Notable Captains[]

Hylian Captains[]

The main Hylian Captain

Hylian Captains are the higher ranking soldiers of the Hyrulean Forces. As with the other soldiers, they are Hylians trained to serve the Kingdom of Hyrule in times of war. They appear in numerous battles where the Hyrulean Forces face the Dark Forces, and later Ganondorf's Forces. They also appear as enemy Captains when Ganondorf invades Hyrule Field, and as enemies to Cia and her lieutenants in the Master Quest DLC Pack Scenarios.

In "The Sheikah Tribesman", a Hylian Captain appears behind a sealed gate in the northern section of the caves, requiring reinforcements. Either Impa or Link must locate and bomb a hidden passageway to rendezvous with him.

In "Land in the Sky", the Hyrulean Forces step into the portal to the Era of the Sky, where they find the Skyloft Forces combating the Dark Forces led by Ghirahim and Volga. The Skyloft Forces are commanded by Skyloft Captains, who are otherwise identical to the Hylian Captains. The Hyrulean and Skyloft Forces both combine to drive out the Dark Forces. At the end of the battle, Ghirahim begins to brainwash and take control of a fraction of Skyloft Soldiers.[1][2] In "Sealed Ambition", Ghirahim puts his plan into place by turning the brainwashed captains into Turncoat Soldiers to attack the Hyrulean Forces. The Hyrulean Forces must defeat them and their leader before they can continue scouting for Ghirahim and the Gate of Souls in the area.

The Skyloft Forces and Skyloft Captains also appear in "The Demon Lord". They combat the advances of Ghirahim and his Forces, and later fight Cia and her Dark Forces after she breaks her false alliance with them.

In "The Sacred Sword", the Hyrulean Forces are ambushed by the Ghost Forces, which are led by Ghost Captains. They serve to protect the Temple of the Sacred Sword from outside threats.[3] It is later revealed that Wizzro is manipulating the Ghost Forces, and upon his first defeat, the Ghost Forces retreat and allow the Hyrulean Forces entry to the temple.

As enemies, Hylian Captains have similar attack patterns to Stalmasters and Darknuts, and attack by lunging forward and swinging their sword. Their attack can be predicted by the blue light they emit when they are about to attack. Doing so leaves them vulnerable and exposes their Weak Point Gauge.

In certain Adventure Mode battles, a Hylian Captain will become injured and retreats to the Allied Base. If they are not safely escorted and are defeated, they will reappear as a named variant of the Big Poe called a Hylian Ghost. This ghost will curse the Allied Forces in numerous ways when it appears.[4][5]

Goron Captains[]

The main Goron Captain

Goron Captains are the higher ranking Goron soldiers of the Goron Forces. They appear as Gorons wearing plated iron armor and thick helmets. As with the rest of the Goron Forces, they are allied with and appear to the aid of the Hyrulean Forces in their fight against the Dark Forces. However, in "Land of Myth", they also appear as enemy Captains under Darunia's command.

In "The Armies of Ruin", a Goron Captain appears to the aid of the Hyrulean Forces in their battle against the Dark Forces. He is attacked by a Lizalfos, but is soon saved by Link. The rescue's efforts open the entrance to a mine tunnel, and the Goron Captain urges that Link take the Bombs inside. Later when the Hyrulean Forces summon the Great Fairy to attack the Dark Forces, one of the Goron Captain's Bombs is taken by the Fairies to turn into a giant Bomb.

In "The Sheikah Tribesman", a Goron Captain again appears to help the Hyrulean Forces, this time by bringing in and operating Bombchus to blow up stone spires so that the Hyrulean Forces may advance. He appears twice throughout the battle.

In "Land of Myth", the Hyrulean Forces are attacked by Darunia and his Goron Forces, who are being controlled by the Dark Forces.[6] The Goron Captains assist Darunia by attacking the Hyrulean Forces; first by launching boulders at the Allied Base, then as Bombchu Operators who lead Bombchus to attack key Keeps. Upon Darunia's defeat, the Goron Forces return to their sanity.[7] They then assist the Hyrulean Forces on their assault against the Dark Forces in "The Water Temple".

In "The Dragon of the Caves" in the Master Quest DLC Pack, the Goron Forces keep guard of Wizzro's ring. The Goron Captains' panicking draws Cia's curiosity to the ring, and Wizzro is released. The Goron Captains then try to combat Cia by bringing in Bombchus while the Dark Forces are fighting Volga's Forces.

As enemies, Goron Captains attack by curling up into a ball and charging forward. The attack leaves them vulnerable shortly afterwards, and exposes their Weak Point Gauge.

Lizalfos Chieftains[]

The Lizalfos Chieftain

Lizalfos Chieftains are high ranking Lizalfos soldiers of several Forces. They are among the Captains of the Dark Forces, Ganondorf's Forces, the Monster Forces and Volga's Forces. They also appear as ally Captains in Ganondorf's and Cia's Scenarios.

In "Ganondorf's Return", a Lizalfos leads the Monster Forces occupying the Gerudo Desert. It has the settlement gates closed to barricade Ganondorf's Forces, but later reopens them to avenge its fallen allies after several Keeps are taken. It, along with several Aeralfos, are later fought at the Sacred Grounds Keep. Their defeat summons Gohma and Manhandla onto the battlefield.

In "The Dragon of the Caves" in the Master Quest DLC Pack, a Lizalfos Chieftain and a Dinolfos Chieftain appear as Captains in Volga's army, along with several other Lizalfos and Dinolfos. They arrive as reinforcements when Cia reaches and fights Volga.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

In Age of Calamity, captains can be found fighting monsters. In training stages, captains can be fought. Captains come in many main races, except for Deku.


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