This article is about the character from A Link Between Worlds. For the unit type from the Hyrule Warriors series, see Hyrulean Captain.

The Captain is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He is the captain of the Hyrulean Soldiers who protect the Royal Family of Hyrule.


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The Captain goes to have a shield and sword furbished by the Blacksmith family, but becomes distracted by Link, who arrives in the Blacksmith's workshop as the Captain is leaving, and forgets his sword. Due to his tardiness, Link is tasked with delivering the sword to the Captain, who has traveled to the Sanctuary to see Seres and the Priest. He attempts to defend Seres when Yuga attacks the Sanctuary, but Yuga's abilities, combined with the Captain's lack of a sword, results in his defeat and subsequent transformation into a Portrait. However Link ends up putting the Captain's Forgotten Sword to good use during his quest to obtain the three Pendants of Virtue and retrieve the Master Sword in order to stop Yuga's plans. The Captain is later restored to normal following Yuga-Ganon's defeat.

Lorule Captain

"Here I am working for the royal family. As if it weren't their fault things have fallen apart! Look around, kiddo. It's all thieves and creepy masked folks in this village. There's nothin' royal about this place."
— Lorule Captain

His Lorulean counterpart is the Captain of the Lorulean Soldiers who can be found at the Milk Bar in Thieves' Town of Lorule. Unlike most members of the Lorulean Soldiers, the Lorule Captain apparently chose continue serving the Royal Family instead of defecting to serve Gemesaur King like the Lorule Guards. Despite apparently his loyalty, he is well aware that the Royal Family is responsible for Lorule's current condition. As a result, he is understandably more jaded than his counterpart and seems to have lost any hope for the kingdom he serves like most of the population of Lorule, apparently becoming rescinded to the fact that the kingdom is doomed and simply wallows around in his sorrow in Lorule's Milk Bar.

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