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Cape Treasure is a location from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Located within the First Continent, Cape Treasure is a beach-like area.

Tingle finds a pirate ship docked in the area, and upon closer inspection realizes that it belongs to a crew of Stalfos pirates. With the aid of Barkle, Tingle makes his way on board and the ship heads for the Pirate Hideaway. Here, the Stalfos ask their leader, Captain Stalfos, if Tingle can become a pirate too. Captain Stalfos agrees to grant Tingle an audience, and when this happens, the two begin dueling. After Tingle defeats the captain, he is rejected from becoming a pirate, but the crew gives him the Bone Ocarina which can be used to summon the pirates in certain locations.

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