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Cannon Island is a place in Phantom Hourglass.[1] It is a small island situated in the Southwestern Sea, just southwest of Mercay Island.[2] It is easily distinguishable from the large crane that sits at its peak, which is part of Eddo's Garage.

Features and Overview[]

Before Link can purchase anything from the local shop's owners, he has to navigate across the Island, which includes surviving Bee attacks, exploring a cave with block puzzles, and using Bomb Flowers to open new ways across the Island.[3] After meeting Eddo, Link can find him anytime more quickly by entering his Garage from the original entrance. Link receives two major items from Eddo's Garage: the Cannon and the Salvage Arm.[2][4] Eddo and his assistant, Fuzo, run the shop here that will sell Link these items throughout his journey.[5] The Cannon can be purchased for 50 Rupees.[6] The cost of the Salvage Arm can be dropped from 300 to 200 Rupees if Link follows the instructions carefully.[7][8][9]

There is a Power Gem hidden on the Island.[where?] To help cover the cost of Eddo's wares, Link can find a Big Red Rupee, valued at 200 Rupees, by rolling into a lone Tree east of the Bomb Garden.

Minor Enemies[]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapanese大砲島 (Taihō Shima)[10]
CanadaFrenchCAIle Canon[11]
FranceFrenchEUIle Canon[12]
ItalyItalianIsola Cannone[14]
SpainSpanishEUIsla del Cañón[15]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAIsla del Cañón[16]
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