Cannon Boats are recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda series. They are ships that damage their targets by firing Bombs from afar. Link can destroy Cannon Boats by getting close and firing bombs with the cannon.


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Cannon Boats are usually found in groups; normally, there is a Cannon Boat more powerful than the others in the group. When defeated, this Cannon Boat usually drops items that can be salvaged, most commonly Ship Parts. They can also board the S.S. Linebeck where Link must fight a group of Miniblins.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Large Cannon Boat (Spirit Tracks)

The large Cannon Boat

Cannon Boats sail the waters of the Ocean Realm and will attack the Spirit Train with cannon fire if it draws near. While escorting Carben, a Cannon Boat will move up close to the train. Miniblins and one Big Blin will begin to invade and attempt to attack Carben. At this point, Link must defend Carben by defeating the Big Blin. This encounter is scripted and cannot be avoided. The same thing may happen when escorting the Pirates' Prisoner back from the Pirate Hideout, but in this case it is possible to sink the ship before the Miniblins can board.

Cannon Boats are almost always found in groups of three, and they are very closely related to Tanks, however Cannon Boats have more control over their movement. They can be taken out with two shots from the Spirit Train's Cannon. A Cannon Boat always gives Link a Blue Rupee, worth five Rupees, upon its defeat. If the Pirate Hideout has been discovered, the Pirates' Prisoner rescued and a passenger is on board the train, one of the Boats will be larger. This Boat takes four hits with the Cannon and is worth 20 Rupees on defeat, but if too long is taken, the Spirit Train will be boarded and 40 Miniblins and a Big Blin must be defeated, with a Pirate's Necklace as the reward. If they succeed in kidnapping the passenger, he must be rescued from the Pirate Hideout in order to attempt to transport him again.

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