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"So I bet you're thinking it was foolhardy to ask pirates to pay such an outrageous price, huh? Yup. I bet you are."

Cannon is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He lives on Windfall Island, and is also the owner of the Bomb Shop.


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At the beginning of The Wind Waker, Cannon is known to be the only maker of Bombs in the Great Sea. He considers what he does to be an art, and believes he has a special talent for making explosives. When Link first comes to Cannon's Bomb Shop, he has price gouged his bombs to the point that Link can only dream of buying them.

Later in the game, when Link returns to Windfall Island and sneaks into the back of Cannon's shop, he finds Cannon tied up and tape gagged by Tetra's Pirates. Apparently, the pirates tied him up for charging such ludicrous prices for bombs. Instead of paying him, they take his bombs and leave him tied up, quiet and immobile.

After Link comes back from Outset Island after receiving Nayru's Pearl from Jabun, he finds Cannon with his eyes squinted, his hair buns smaller, and a nicer attitude. He also significantly reduces his prices on bombs to the point where Link can actually purchase them for reasonable prices. He sells 10 bombs for 20 Rupees, 20 bombs for 35 Rupees and 30 bombs for 50 Rupees.

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