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Campfires are objects found throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Campfires serve various purposes, such as allowing Link to Cook, pass the time of day by Sitting,[2] or to set alight wooden Weapons to burn enemies. Bokoblins are also capable of this incendiary tactic, and can be found utilizing spits over Campfires to cook Seared Steak. Link can make an improvised Campfire by dropping Wood and Flint, then striking the Flint with a metal Weapon.[1] If a raw edible Material comes in contact with a Campfire, it will ignite and become cooked Food. Complex recipes for Cooking are impossible to achieve with a simple Campfire however, and instead must be carried out with a Cooking Pot, a stone piece of cookware found over a Campfire. Because of this, Food that has been Cooked this way will only gain health restorative properties and not any special effects that a Material might otherwise give.[3] Certain Campfires will not be lit when Link first encounters them, requiring him to ignite the wood before it can be used.

Campfire Locations
Region Location
Great Plateau In a small alcove near the Shrine of Resurrection, where the Old Man can first be found
Great Plateau In the Forest of Spirits, near a Cooking Pot and part of a ruined stone wall
Great Plateau Around the Bokoblin tree-fort where the River of the Dead falls off the Great Plateau

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