Camfire and cooking pot (Breath of the Wild)

Link at a campfire

Campfires are a feature from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are found all over Hyrule. Link can sit by a campfire to pass time until the next morning, noon or night. If a campfire is abandoned, he will need to light it himself. He cannot pass the time if there are enemies nearby. In many campfires, he can also roast basic ingredients. However preparing more elaborate dishes or elixirs requires a Cooking Pot which are special pots with built in campfires though some must be lit. While most campfire and Cooking Pots are located in specific areas, Link can build a campfire practically anywhere by lighting wood on fire, for example with a lit torch, Fires or Bomb Arrows, or by striking Flint with a metal weapon. However Cooking Pots cannot be built and appear exclusively in fixed locations. However rain or strong wind will put out any lit campfires unless it is covered. Built campfires usually go out after using it to pass the time, forcing Link to light it again. However Link cannot make them in wet areas or when it is raining. Link can even build a campfire on a raft or create multiple campfires. Multiple campfires can even generate Updrafts due to the heat they generate. Even if it is raining, Link can build campfires in sheltered areas or indoors allowing him to pass the time or roast food. Link can also destroy campfires by performing weapon attacks that impact the ground or detonating Remote Bombs. Cooking Pots and their built in campfires are indestructible however.

Several items such as ingredients, materials or weapons can be discovered around. Bokoblins settle several campfires, sitting, dancing, eating, chatting or sleeping at night. Certain monster sometimes accompany them such as Moblins or Lizalfos. Link can occasionally find fish or meat roasting over an open fire in enemy camps and can take it for himself. Some enemies will use campfires to light wooden weapons on fire. Humorously enemies may also step in them lighting themselves on fire. Standing too close to one will burn Link unless he wears the Flamebreaker set with Fireproof set bonus.

Camfire and pot (Breath of the Wild)

Link cooking at a campfire

Standing or crouching next to a lit campfire increases Link's temperature and prevent him from freezing in cold areas. Campfires can serve as a continuous source of fire which he can use to lit a torch or a wooden weapon.

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