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Caladbolg is an item in Cadence of Hyrule.

Location and Uses[]

Caladbolg is a legendary Weapon that can only be wielded by Link. It is locked inside a blue Treasure Chest located on the roof of Hyrule Castle, which can be accessed after stepping on the switch in the courtyard in order to open a door to a room full of Wizzrobes and a Ball 'N Chain Guard, then going up the stairs inside. Like other Long Swords, Caladbolg has a hit range of two spaces at the cost of the use of Link's Shield.[1] In addition, it is also one of the stronger un-infused weapons with a damage output of 3, and can be swung side-to-side to hit enemies on tiles adjacent to Link.[2]


  • Caladbolg is the sword of Fergus mac Róich from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. Spelled Caladcholg, it is also associated with the more obscure Ulster hero Fergus mac Léti, suggesting a conflation of two legends. It was said to be a two-handed sword that made a circle like an arc of rainbow when swung, and to have the power to slice the tops off hills and strike down an entire army. Caladbolg in Cadence of Hyrule is shown to have a gradient of colors from the base to the tip referencing its rainbow swing in the mythology.

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  1. "You got Caladbolg! Deals 3 damage and has 2 range, but prevents shield use. Hold R Button to swing it around." — N/A (Cadence of Hyrule)
  2. "Deals 3 damage and has 2 range, but prevents shield use. Hold out with R Button and swing with CoH L StickL." — Inventory (Cadence of Hyrule)