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The Cafe Bar is a location in The Wind Waker.[1] It is located right next to Zunari's Shop, and it is one of the most popular hang-out places around Windfall Island. It was previously run by Gillian's father, but he has fallen ill and his daughter is now the one that manages it, although she does not seem to enjoy the job.[2][3]

Features and Overview[]

Many citizens of Windfall enjoy going to the bar for either dates or even just to sit around and relax after a hard day at work.[4][5] At night, the cafe bar gets filled with sailors such as Dampa, Candy, Loot, and Kane, but during the day it is a much calmer place.[6] Gossack can always be found hanging around here, and at some point, various other characters that Link meets during his journey wind up coming to the bar for one reason or another.

If Link manages to unite Linda and Anton, the young hero can go to the Cafe Bar to receive a Piece of Heart as a reward. Furthermore, Link can receive Moblin's Letter here from the Rito postman Ilari after he witnesses a heated discussion between Maggie's Father and the said postman.


  • Inside the Cafe Bar, there is a chalkboard menu written in Hylian which advertises "Lon Lon Milk", "Deku Nut Cake", and "Zora Coffee".[7]


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