"When night falls around here, this place fills up with all these sour, swarthy sailors."

The Cafe Bar is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a coffee shop located above Zunari's open air shop on Windfall Island. The cafe is run by a woman named Gillian, who took over for her father, after he grew ill. The hangout is rather barren during the day, but at night, it is bustling with Windfall residents and sailors who come to spend their money.


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Though for the most part the cafe is an optional location to visit, two side quests require Link to enter it. During the Picto Box side quest, he must enter the coffee shop and approach a frequent customer named Gossack. Link must then break the plates on the table, throw a pot at him, or roll against the wall of the cafe to get him to jump. Link must then quickly snap a photo of Gossack's fearful reaction and take it back to Lenzo. Also, it is here that Ilari will ask Link to deliver the Moblin's Letter to Maggie after his argument with her father.

Anton and Linda can be found here after Link helps them get a date with each other.

During the Endless Night, Tetra's Pirates stay within the cafe, thus barring Link from entering.

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