"Have you heard of the golden set of Triumph Forks? It's right there, I tell you! A chart that shows you where they are! In that house! If you want it, you'd better go in there and scour the place from floor to ceiling!"

The Cabana, also known as Mrs. Marie's Cabana and later referred to as Link's Cabana, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Situated on the Private Oasis, it is a house belonging to Mrs. Marie, the teacher at Mrs. Marie's School of Joy on Windfall Island. When Link gives Mrs. Marie 20 Joy Pendants, however, she grants him the Cabana Deed, which entitles him to full ownership of the Private Oasis and thus the Cabana as well. The name of the Cabana after Link takes ownership of it depends on the name given to Link by the player during Name Registration.

If Link shows the Cabana Deed to the butler at the front door of the Cabana, he will be allowed entry into the home. Once inside, Link finds a puzzle mini-game run by the Butler that he can play for Rupees.


There is a Grappling Hook target at the center of the ceiling; grasping it removes the fire from the fireplace, displaying a secret switch function and revealing a hidden labyrinth below. The maze is complicated, filled with crawling spaces, ladders, and switches, which require striking with the Skull Hammer. There are also large amounts of Rupees hidden among certain paths. Enemies in the small dungeon include Rats, which creep along throughout the entire maze, and ReDeads, which are found just before completion of the labyrinth. At the end, there is a pad with wind symbols on it. Playing the "Wind's Requiem" on it causes a Treasure Chest containing a Triforce Chart to appear.

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