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Not to be confused with the Deku Butler from Majora's Mask.

The Butler is the devoted guardian of the Cabana of the Private Oasis.[1][name reference needed] He is quite elitist and concerned with cleanliness,[2][3] and is, above all, loyal to "the master."[4] As it turns out, he's not a character of flesh and blood at all, but is actually the Cabana's front door.[5]


When Link first arrives at the Cabana, the Butler is exceedingly rude and accuses him of trespassing, but if Link presents him with the Cabana Deed, the Butler's attitude turns reverent.[4][6] When in the presence of his master, he can actually be quite self-effacing,[7] and manages to imply insulting things with graceful politeness.[8]

The Butler is well versed in the amusements of nobility and he will explain the basics of the puzzle if Link asks.[9][10] If Link manages to complete a puzzle, he says he is "among the most talented gamesmiths of the noble classes" and will reward him with 50 Rupees as an expression of his "respect and admiration" for his skills.[11] He has 16 different puzzles for Link to try, but asks Link to vacate the Cabana while he sets up the next one, so exactly how he manages to replace the pieces and the completed picture across from it is unknown.[12]


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