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Business Scrubs are recurring Deku Scrubs in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][note 1]


Business Scrubs appear all across the land, wherever profit can be gained from selling Link items he may need during his journey. Often thinking that Link is an enemy, they fire Deku Nuts at him to keep him away whenever he is within their range. By reflecting one of the Deku Nuts back at them, or pounding the ground with the Megaton Hammer to uproot them, they will surrender and offer Link a deal on useful merchandise, often items such as Deku Sticks, Arrows, Bombs, or Potions, though they often charge more in price than local Shops would to make profit. If Link declines their offers, the Business Scrubs often flee.

Ocarina of Time[]

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Business Scrub
If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass...

In Ocarina of Time, Business Scrubs appear in a multitude of places. They can be found underground, selling items such as Bombs, Potions, Arrows, and Deku Nuts.

The Mirror Shield cannot deflect Business Scrubs' attacks. Only the Hylian and Deku Shields are able to ricochet their Deku Nuts.

Wares and Prices[]

Location Item Price
Dodongo's Cavern Deku Stick 15 Rupees
Deku Shield 50 Rupees
Hyrule Field
(inside a Secret Grotto nearby the entrance of Lake Hylia)
Piece of Heart 10 Rupees
Lost Woods Deku Stick upgrade 40 Rupees
Deku Nut upgrade 40 Rupees

Majora's Mask[]

There are seven Business Scrubs in Majora's Mask. Two of them run the Deku Scrub Playground in North Clock Town. The other five are merchants spread across the five regions of Termina. They are members of the Business Scrub Association and are the participants in the Trading Quest, of which the first part is required to complete the game. The Trading Quest consists of exchanging Title Deeds between Business Scrubs so they can fulfill their dreams of moving to different regions. Each of the five Deku Flowers vacated by one of the Scrubs can be used to reach a Piece of Heart.

The Scrub who owns the yellow Deku Flower in South Clock Town has already sold out his wares ahead of the Carnival of Time. He wishes to return to his home village, but not before buying a Moon's Tear as a souvenir for his wife.[3] When Link gives him one, he gives the Town Title Deed in return, then leaves Clock Town with his belongings. Deku Link can then use the vacant Deku Flower to reach the platform in front of Clock Tower.

If Link then returns to the Astral Observatory and looks through the telescope, he will see the Business Scrub leave Clock Town and go into a Cave in Termina Field just outside the Observatory. If Link enters the cave and speaks to the Business Scrub, he will explain that it is his secret storage. He will sell Link a Piece of Heart for 150 Rupees in exchange for keeping it a secret. Refusing the offer will prompt the Scrub to lower the price to 100 Rupees. If Link declines again, or cannot afford it,[verification needed] the Business Scrub loses his patience and leaves for the remainder of the three-day cycle. Even if Link accepts the offer and buys the Piece of Heart, the Scrub decides to move his storage to be safe.[4]

Oracle of Seasons[]

Business Scrubs lay hidden beneath certain bushes that cannot be cut or destroyed, and will pop up when Link walks near them in Oracle of Seasons. Unlike other incarnations of Business Scrubs, they will not attack Link. The Business Scrubs often sell Shields, and their prices can vary from Scrub to Scrub. A few others sell Bombs and Mystical Seeds. A certain Business Scrub in Spool Swamp offers Link helpful information for his quest in order to entice him to buy a Shield.[5]

Oracle of Ages[]

The Minish Cap[]

Business Scrub (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Business Scrub Figurine Sprite
Business Scrub
Appears in caves, etc.
Normally stay underground. They'll pop
out and spit seeds at you, but if you
get to know 'em, they're not so bad.

Link first encounters a Business Scrub in The Minish Cap when one blocks the route to Hyrule Castle during the Picori Festival. It hits Princess Zelda with a Deku Nut, and she asks Link to do something about it.[6]

Once Link uses his newly acquired Small Shield to deflect the Deku Nut, the Business Scrub apologizes, stating that it had only come because it had hoped to sell its merchandise at the Festival; however, as it unintentionally shoots Deku Nuts whenever it opens its mouth, its customers had been scared away without buying anything.[7] It returns home to its cave, clearing the path north to Hyrule Castle.

Throughout his journey across Hyrule, Link can fight and pacify Business Scrubs in order to buy items or gain information. In some cases this is necessary in order for him to proceed; one Business Scrub in Trilby Highlands will sell Link an Empty Bottle for 20 Rupees so that he can water Crenel Beans and progress up Mount Crenel.[8] A second Business Scrub on Mount Crenel will sell Link the Grip Ring for 40 Rupees, allowing him to scale rocky walls.[9]

Business Scrubs are often found behind walls that require the use of a Bomb to access, though others are found in Trees. One Business Scrub in Castor Wilds will Fuse Kinstone Pieces with Link after being pacified,[10] opening a Tree in the Minish Woods with a different Business Scrub inside. This particular Business Scrub will sell Link Kinstone Pieces (for 200 Rupees each in the Japanese and North American versions, and for 100 Rupees each in the PAL version), and also has two Kinstone Fusions available. The first Fusion causes a crack to appear in Castor Wilds with a Chest containing a red Kinstone Piece inside. The second Fusion results in a Golden Octorok appearing in Western Wood.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseアキンドナッツ (Akindo Nattsu) (OoT | TMC)[11][12]Business Nut
FranceFrenchEUPeste Marchande (MM3D)[13]Merchanding Nuisance
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  1. Business Scrubs were referred to as Akindo Nuts in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask — Official Perfect Guide by Versus Books.[2] However, as this contradicts the name given in-game, it is not considered Canon.


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