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Buri is a character in the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa.[citation needed]


Buri is first shown fighting Link in an arena match in Lynna, Labrynna.[1] A member of the audience cheers for him,[2] while the others bet Rupees on Link winning.[3][4][5] Buri calls Link a pipsqueak and asks if he is ready to die.[6] He swings his axe at the hero, who in turn dodges the weapon and sends Buri crashing to the ground. When he gets back on his feet, Buri looks for Link, unaware that the boy is beneath him. Link says Buri made a big mistake by dropping his guard because of the hero's size.[7] Link pokes Buri in the behind with the handle of his sword and cuts the axe in half. Buri storms away angrily as Link receives the match's prize.[8][9]


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