Unofficial Name

"This world is like the real world, but evil has twisted it. The Golden Power is what changed your shape to reflect what is in your heart and mind. I am always changing my mind, so I turned into a ball..."
— Bully's Friend

The Bully's Friend is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. A Hylian boy, the Dark World has transformed him into a ball-like creature.


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The Bully's Friend states that he took the form of a ball because he was always indecisive while in the Light World, and a round object came to reflect his inner nature. Atop Death Mountain, the Bully's Friend constantly attempts to run away from the Bully, who follows him and kicks him like a soccer ball, possibly giving the Bully his name.

When Link wishes on the Triforce for Ganon's evil to be undone at the end of the game, all of Agahnim's wrongdoings are undone as well. As a result, the Bully's Friend, as well as the Bully, are transported back to the Light World. During the end credits, the Bully can be seen chasing after his friend just outside of the Tower of Hera.

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