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Buliara is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Buliara is the Gerudo captain of the guard who accompanies Lady Riju, Chief of the Gerudo.[1][2] Buliara is known as the best spear master in Gerudo Town.[3] Link first meets Buliara at the start of the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest when he first enters the Gerudo Town palace, disguised as a woman. Buliara will stop Link when he approaches Riju on her throne and demands him to explain his business here.[4] After Riju speaks to Link for some time, she will mention to Buliara that she recalls her mother speaking of a fallen swordsman that was placed into a deep sleep by the Princess of Hyrule when the Calamity happened.[5] She also recalls that the swordsman's name was Link, hesitantly wondering if the Link before her is that same swordsman.[6]

If Link is not carrying the legendary sword, Buliara will point out that Link is not carrying the sword from those same legends.[7] After more conversation, Buliara suddenly notices that Link is actually a man.[8] Riju states that it is a great crime for a man to enter Gerudo Town, but Riju dismisses this, as Link is a Champion.[9] Riju soon reasons that if Link truly is a Champion, then he may be able to enter Divine Beast Vah Naboris and calm its anger.[10] Buliara urges Riju not to trust a stranger with such an important task,[11] suggesting that he prove himself worthy by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[12] Riju agrees with this suggestion and Buliara assures her that recovering the stolen Thunder Helm should be an easy task for Link if he is truly a Champion.[13][14] Buliara tells Link that Captain Teake in the barracks nearby can tell him about the thieves who stole the Thunder Helm.[15] If Link speaks to Buliara again, she asks him what is wrong and says that if he is truly the Champion of legend, the task should be simple.[16] She then reiterates that he should see Captain Teake to learn more about the thieves and comments that this is his chance to show them what he is capable of.[17][18]

After Link calms Naboris and speaks to Buliara, she tells him that they are indebted to him.[19] Link can regain the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker if they are lost or broken by speaking to Buliara.[20][21] Buliara also tells Link that Gerudo Town is his ally now,[22] but warns him that he should still hide that he is a man.[23]


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