The Bulblin Camp is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a large, fortified Bulblin encampment located in the Desert Province, guarding the entrance to the Arbiter's Grounds. Approximately twenty-five Bulblins in all guard the area, of which an estimate of five are archers, some of them riding Bullbos, that Link must defeat in order to pass. There are several large platforms from which Bulblin Archers fire. If Link is spotted by an archer, a seemingly endless horde of Bulblins will chase him until that archer is dead. After Link finds a Small Key, he can unlock the door in the center of the encampment. After getting in the enclosure in the center of the camp, he is engaged in battle with King Bulblin. Once he is defeated, he will leave, allowing Link to enter the Arbiter's Grounds. In the process of leaving, however, King Bulbin proceeded to set fire to the camp, forcing Link to use a Bullbo to escape.

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Link's Crossbow Training

The Bulblin Camp serves as the location for Arbiter's Grounds: Ranger.

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Bulblin Camp Entrance

The entrance to the Bulblin Camp showing the Hyrulean Crest

There is some controversy about whether or not the camp is of Bulblin design. Although the Bulblins seem to know the camp, it is very dilapidated, with pillars and broken walls. If it was of Bulblin design, then it can be assumed that they would fix it. The entrance also has the Hyrulean Crest under the archway. Because of this, it is possible that it served as barracks to the guards of the Arbiter's Grounds, and that the Bulblins found it abandoned and adapted it as their own home. It is also possible that the camp was once made by the Gerudo.

Also, both Midna and Lanayru claim that the Interlopers were chased into the Gerudo Desert prior to their banishment to the Twilight Realm. It is possible that they were the builders of the camp, their last home in the Light World. This, however, does not account for the Hylian crest adorning the entrance.

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  • A Piece of Heart can be found inside a Bullbo that is being cooked over a fire in the encampment. If Link strikes it enough times, it will be destroyed, revealing the Piece of Heart inside.
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