"Bugs are amazing. Even more amazing than Groose in a lot of ways...Oh...wait. I'm not saying Groose isn't as amazing as a bug."

Bugs are creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. These small insects exist in twelve collectable varieties: Blessed Butterfly, Deku Hornet, Eldin Roller, Faron Grasshopper, Gerudo Dragonfly, Lanayru Ant, Sand Cicada, Skyloft Mantis, Sky Stag Beetle, Starry Firefly, Volcanic Ladybug, and Woodland Rhino Beetle. Bugs can be found in various locales throughout The Sky and The Surface. Link can collect them using the Bug Net, which can be purchased from Beedle's Air Shop after acquiring the Slingshot.

Bugs have two uses. Bertie can use them to augment Potions in Link's possession at the Potion Shop in the Bazaar; and Strich will offer to purchase bugs if spoken to in his room in the Knight Academy during nighttime. The bugs Strich will buy vary from night to night.

Bugs can be killed if hit by Link's Sword, an explosion from a Bomb/Bomb Flower, Beetle, Whip, Clawshots, Arrows fired from his Bow, or Deku Seeds fired from his Slingshot. They will also die if they come in contact with Water. Some bugs like Lanayru Ants and Eldin Rollers can be killed simply by stepping on them. Bugs will also die if they come in contact with water.

Some Bugs like Faron Grasshoppers are attracted to Glittering Spores and become less likely to flee while there is a cloud of Glittering Spores nearby.

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