"Kweeeee-heee... I am Bucha, the Kikwi elder. I saw the way you spotted me through my ingenious camouflage. Kweee, you are clearly a master woodsman."
— Bucha

Bucha is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The elder of the Kikwi race, he is incredibly large, easily twice the height of Link.


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Prior to meeting Link, the Kikwi elder helped Zelda escape from the monsters pursuing her before she ran off to the Skyview Temple. When Link finds Bucha, the elder asks Link to help him track down all the missing Kikwi, who have scattered with the coming of monsters to Faron Woods. Once Link has done this, Bucha gives him the Slingshot needed to access the Deep Woods and, by extension, the Skyview Temple to catch up with Zelda.

Later, after completing the first Silent Realm, Bucha will comment on Link's Water Dragon's Scale. After meeting the Kikwi hermit, Yerbal, Bucha is surprised to hear that there is another Kikwi living in the forest and hopes one day to meet Yerbal himself.

When Link returns to a flooded Faron Woods for the third time, Bucha will comment that he likes the change of scenery. He later suggests to Link to use the dowsing technique to search for the Tadtones.

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As many Kikwis seem to be named after varieties of tea, it is possible that Bucha is named after kombucha. Alternatively, he may be named after buchu tea.

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