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Bubbulfrog are Enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.


Bubbulfrogs look like a cross between a Blupee and a frog, sharing design elements of a Blupee (such as the translucent skin) and having the body shape of a frog. They also have multiple eyes and concentric-circle patterns on their bodies, much like the Lord of the Mountain. They also have a possible direct connection with Blupees. According to Koltin, if one were eat Bubbul Gems, they would turn into a Blupee.


Bubbulfrogs can only be found in caves. They often lurk on the cave’s ceiling. When found, they will hop around every few seconds, across the floor, walls, and ceiling. They can also spit bubbles periodically. They, like wild animals, do not have a health bar. When defeated, they float into the air before disappearing and releasing Bubbul Gems in a small cloud of mist.

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