Bubble Blast

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Bubble Blast
MM Bubble Blast.png
Deku Link using the Bubble Blast
Main appearance(s)
Hitting airborne targets
Comparable abilities

The Bubble Blast is one of Deku Link's special attacks.[name reference needed]


The Bubble Blast is learned when Link takes the Stray Fairy from either East Clock Town or the Laundry Pool to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town. When the young hero does so, the Great Fairy will give Link Magic Power out of gratitude,[1] as well as the ability to use Bubble Blast.[2] When the B Button is held, it will put Link in first-person mode, and a bubble will expand from Deku Link's snout. As the bubble expands, the distance and the power of the attack increases. The Bubble Blast takes up magic from the Magic Meter whenever it is used.

Releasing the bubble causes it to spiral into the direction of where Deku Link was aiming. This can be used to hit nearby items and enemies, but since it moves slowly, it is not a very reliable attack. It is critical for popping the balloon that Jim is shooting at in order to gain access to the Clock Town sewers,[3] where another balloon must be popped. It is also key to knocking the Ocarina of Time out of the Skull Kid's hand on the Final Day, allowing Link to remember the "Song of Time" and return to the First Day.



  1. "Tatl, and you, young one of the altered shape... Thank you for returning my broken and shattered body to normal. I am the Great Fairy of Magic. I thought that masked child was helping me, and I grew careless. All I can offer you now is this: I shall grant you Magic Power as a sign of my gratitude. Please accept it!" — Great Fairy of Magic (Majora's Mask)
  2. "You've been granted Magic Power! In your current form, press [B] to shoot bubble blasts. Press and hold [B] to blow a big bubble. Release [B] to shoot it. Your Magic Power decreases when you shoot. Replenish it with Magic Jars and Potions." — N/A (Majora's Mask)
  3. "Are you the one who just popped that up there? Not bad for a Deku Scrub! We Bombers have a hideout that leads to the observatory outside town. You need a code to get in. Maybe I'll tell you what it is! But don't think you're getting it that easily! I can't just tell you what the code is... You'll have to pass my test first. Are you ready?" — Jim (Majora's Mask)