"Hooo-yah! That is the sweet, sweet flavor of freedom, hoss! And, uhh...heh heh... thanks for taking the trouble to free me... Sucker! You really think I would divulge super-secret info about treasure? My momma didn't raise no patsy! I spent too long findin' that info!"
— Brozi

Bronzi is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a Mogma living at Eldin Volcano, and, according to Fi, he likes showing others his gold fillings.


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Bronzi is first encountered in the Fire Sanctuary, where he has been captured. After Link saves him, he initially plans to leave without rewarding Link; however, he notices that Link possesses the Mogma Mitts of Silva, Bronzi's brother. Realizing that Link must be an acquaintance of Silva's, Bronzi gives him the Dungeon Map, as well as a hint about a hidden room in the dungeon.

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As many Mogmas seem to be named after metals and other minerals, it is possible that Bronzi's name is derived from bronze, similar to how his brothers seem to be named after Silver and Platinum.

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