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The Bright Ship is an item in Phantom Hourglass.[1][note 1]

Location and Uses

The Bright Ship is the name given to the SS Linebeck once it has been outfitted with the following Ship Parts:

Ship Part Description
PH Bell Prow Model.png
Bell Prow
This bell doesn't chime, but it gives the prow a nice look.
PH Bell Anchor Model.png
Bell Anchor
A modern, bell-shaped anchor. Ironically, it doesn't ring.
PH Bright Hull Model.png
Bright Hull
A modified hull from a standard ship with a fancy yellow spot.
PH Artistic Cannon Model.png
Artistic Cannon
A cannon with truly avant-garde design. Catches the eye!
PH Arch Handrail Model.png
Arch Handrail
It draws attention for its playful and ornate design.
PH Restful Cabin Model.png
Restful Cabin
Soothing design offers an escape from the stresses of battle.
PH Elegant Chimney Model.png
Elegant Chimney
A simple shape, but something about it is so enticing.
PH Paddling Wheel Model.png
Paddling Wheel
A wheel with bent paddles. It steams your ship along!

The Ship Parts can be attached to the SS Linebeck at any time by visiting the Shipyard on Molida Island. For every three parts of the Bright Ship used, the durability of the SS Linebeck is increased by one Heart. When all eight parts are used together, they increase its durability by three Hearts, up to a total of seven Hearts. Aside from this boost in durability, the Bright Ship is merely a change in appearance to suit the player's personal tastes.


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  1. This term refers only to a specific combination of Ship Parts. In-game, the ship itself is always called the SS Linebeck.


  1. "Bright Ship"  (Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 284)