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Bridles are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Bridles are a type of Horse Gear that are equipped to a Horse's head. They can be obtained by registering Horses, completing Mini-Games, or in Treasure Chests across Hyrule Kingdom. With the exception of the Ancient Bridle, all Bridles are cosmetic and offer no changes to horseback riding. The Stable Bridle is also the only Bridle that isn't a Key Item in Link's Inventory.

Only four Stables have a character who can change the Bridles of Link's Horses, and they will only do so when Link has the highest Bond possible with his Horse. However, they won't change the Bridles of the Giant Horse or Epona. The Stables are as follows:

Stable Character
Highland Stable Phanna
Outskirt Stable Canni
South Akkala Stable Tenne
Woodland Stable Breen

List of Bridles

Equipment Effect Description
BotW Ancient Bridle Icon.png
Ancient Bridle (TCB)
Increases number of spurs by two A mysterious bridle made with forgotten ancient technology. Equipping a horse with this will maximize their abilities, increasing the number of spurs associated with them.
BotW Extravagant Bridle Icon.png
Extravagant Bridle
Most often used in festivals, this gem of a bridle is decorated with some charming little feathers. It's great for adding just a splash of color to any horse.
BotW Knight's Bridle Icon.png
Knight's Bridle
Hyrulean knights once outfitted their horses with this bridle. It boasts additional armor to protect the horse's head and neck.
BotW Monster Bridle Icon.png
Monster Bridle
This bridle was handmade by Kilton, but it looks like he may have hand some monstrous horse in mind when he made it. It includes a mask that conceals the horse's head.
BotW Royal Bridle Icon.png
Royal Bridle
This bridle is well known for being a favorite of the Hyrulean royal family. Its gold ornamentations leave an impression, but its true value lies in its solid craftsmanship.
BotW Stable Bridle Icon.png
Stable Bridle
BotW Traveler's Bridle Icon.png
Traveler's Bridle Triforce piece.png
A standard bridle. The design doesn't really stand out, which is why it's well suited to any type of horse. A favorite among peddlers and travelers alike.


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  1. "Which bridle would you like?" — Breen (Breath of the Wild)