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Not to be confused with the Great Hylian Bridge from Twilight Princess.

The Bridge of Hylia is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview[]

The Bridge of Hylia is a bridge that spans across Lake Hylia. It connects Hyrule Field from the north to the Faron Grasslands to the south. It is a massive stone Bridge that bears 15 piers and 13 pedestrian recesses per side. The center of the Bridge of Hylia features a disused fountain and several wooden containers, which may contain Materials and Arrows. Beside the fountain sits a wagon, which can be searched for Gems. Link can find a Fishing Harpoon, a Rusty Claymore and a Rusty Halberd scattered along the road beside the fountain as well.

Despite the collapse of Hyrule's society, the Bridge of Hylia is still used as a means of travel between Lurelin Village and Hateno Village by Hyrule's inhabitants. Ralera crossed it with her husband, Rhodes, while they moved to the latter's hometown, Hateno Village.[2] It is possible for wandering Travelers to appear on the Bridge of Hylia, prompting fights with Link when spoken to. The Bridge of Hylia greatly resembles the Great Hylian Bridge in name, location and architecture, though the exact connection between the Bridges is unknown.

A stone Treasure Chest under the Bridge's fifth pier contains five Shock Arrows. A Soldier's Broadsword is hidden inside a metallic Treasure Chest in the water between the seventh and eighths piers. In the water beneath the arch of the eighth pier, Link can find two metallic Treasure Chests containing an Edge of Duality and five Shock Arrows, respectively. Two opposing stone Treasure Chests on the north and south springing lines of the Bridge's central pier both contain five Arrows each. A metal Treasure Chest resting on the Bridge of Hylia's fountain contains a Zora Spear. A Phrenic Bow can be found inside a stone Treasure Chest on the Bridge's 11th pier.

A total of eight Koroks hide themselves around the Bridge of Hylia. The first can be found with two Torches that sit atop the towers at the northern end of the Bridge of Hylia. The Torch on the western tower is lit, while the eastern Torch sits unlit. If the latter is ignited, the Korok will appear and give Link a Korok Seed for finding him.[3] A second Korok can be found by throwing Rocks off the eastern refuge on the Bridge's northern pier into a circle of rocky pillars on the surface of Lake Hylia. A third Korok can be found hidden at the bottom of the Bridge's fourth pier underneath a Rock under a stone slab, which must be moved with concussive hits with Stasis. A balloon under the fifth pier can be destroyed to reveal a fourth Korok. A fifth Korok can be found hidden in place of a Tree Branch along the wall of the Bridge of Hylia's seventh pier. The fountain situated at the center of the Bridge's road hides a sixth Korok. Along the eastern side of the Bridge of Hylia's ninth refuge rests a tree sapling, which can be followed along the side of the Bridge until a seventh Korok appears. The eighth and final Korok sits underneath a Rock at the base of the Bridge's 12th pier from the north.


Minor Enemies[]

Over World Bosses[]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Latin AmericaSpanishLAGran Puente de Hylia[4]Great Bridge of Hylia
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