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Brawny Blacksmiths
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Prerequisite(s)Road to the Ancient Lab completed
Requirement(s)x5 Ironshrooms
Location Central Hyrule
Reward Usage of the Hylian Blacksmith Guild
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Hoping for Heat Relief""Entrance Test"

"Brawny Blacksmiths" is a Quest in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


"Brawny Blacksmiths" is a Quest in which the Warriors must provide blacksmiths with five Ironshrooms to assist them in their work. Afterwards, the blacksmiths are strengthened and form the Hylian Blacksmith Guild, a group able to make and fuse Weapons for the Warriors.


Stage Description
Start The blacksmiths of Hyrule have been trying to make their bodies burlier for smithing. They've trained day and night. Now, get them what they need to be in top shape for work.
Complete The blacksmiths finally achieved peak perfection—and they're ready to get to work. They formed the Hylian Blacksmith Guild and will now make weapons suited for warriors!


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
NetherlandsDutchZonder spieren geen wapensWithout Muscles No Weapons
GermanyGermanMuskeln sind auch WaffenMuscles Are Weapons Too
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