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Branli is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Branli is a Hylian who wears a Snowquill Tunic and Snowquill Trousers. He can be found at the top of Ridgeland Tower, which he's been stuck on since it rose from the ground.[2] He runs the Bird-Man Research Study Mini-Game.

Branli is a researcher dedicated to discovering the flying capabilities of the Rito.[3] According to him, their flight is seemingly inexplicable, due to their heavy weight and relatively short wingspan.[4] Now that he's trapped on top of the Tower, he realizes it gives him the perfect vantage point to observe the Rito.[5]

When Branli realizes that Link is also on the Sheikah Tower, he assumes that Link is stuck as well and can't get down without hurting himself.[6] After learning that Link can glide down,[7] he is excited as he thinks this could help his research.[8] Through his research, he wants to one day himself be a bird, capable of flight.[9]

Branli asks Link to participate in a study to see how far he can glide,[10] agreeing to compensate him based on how far he flies.[11] However, he charges Link a liability fee of 20 Rupees in the event of any accidents.[12] If Link agrees, Branli asks him to keep several things in mind while he glides.[13]

Based on the distance Link flies, Branli will have different reactions. If he flies less than 450 meters, Branli will be upset and refuse to give Link a reward.[14] He encourages Link to think of himself as a Rito, free from gravity.[15] If Link glides between 450 and 600 meters, Branli considers it a small step towards his goal.[16] He'll initally offer 21 Rupees as a reward, though he relents and gives Link a Purple Rupee.[17] Should Link make it more than 600 meters, Branli notes that while he didn't flap his arms, his methods were still effective.[18] As a reward, he gives Link a Silver Rupee.[19]

If Link returns to Branli at any point after first participating in his research study, he'll refer to him as his research assistant.[20]


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