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Bow Soldiers are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] They are a variation of the enemy Soldiers that shoot Arrows at Link with either a Bow or a Crossbow.


A Link to the Past[]

ALttP Blue Bow Soldier Sprite

In A Link to the Past, like other Soldiers, Bow Soldiers are Hyrulean guards that have been brainwashed by Agahnim and are under his control. When they spot Link, they will assault him with a barrage of Arrows while maintaining their distance. Their Arrows can be blocked by the most basic Shield, provided if Link is facing the direction the Arrows are shot from. Bow Soldiers come in two types of varieties, characterized by their armor's color and the kind of tactics they employ in fighting.

The basic, blue-colored Bow Soldiers appear throughout Hyrule, and fight Link by keeping a distance away from him while launching Arrows, attempting to repel and push him back with their projectiles. With the Shield, however, Link can protect himself from their Arrows and move in to attack. Link can also hit them with projectile weapons from afar, such as the Boomerang to stun them, or even shoot his own Arrows. Another strategy is to dash at them with the Pegasus Boots when they are not firing Arrows, allowing Link to quickly strike them before they can step away.

The green, tussock-type variety instead hides in tall grass, and pop out to ambush Link when he is near. They will hide themselves in the grass shortly afterwards and soon reappear to fire another Arrow. This variety is common to the Great Swamp area of Hyrule, however after Agahnim is defeated in the Hyrule Castle Tower, they will no longer appear there.

Four Swords Adventures[]

Bow Soldiers in Four Swords Adventures behave similarly to their A Link to the Past counterparts. Like A Link to the Past, Bow Soldiers can hide in tufts of grass. However, these tufts of grass can be destroyed, forcing the hidden Bow Soldier out into the open. Grey variations are the strongest and make their debut.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Bow Soldiers in A Link Between Worlds are strongly based on their A Link to the Past incarnation. Like other enemy Soldiers, the Bow Soldiers were originally Paintings that were painted by and brought to life by Yuga. Unlike A Link to the Past, only one variation of Bow Soldier appears: a blue variety that actively fires Arrows at Link when spotted. As in the previous game, they will maintain a great distance from Link while attacking from afar. As before, Link can fight them by moving in close and then striking back, although he will need to raise his Shield to block their Arrows. They can be found all throughout Hyrule as well Inside Hyrule Castle.


  • It is possible to knock a Spear or Bow Soldier hiding in the tall grass of A Link to the Past onto land that has no grass using certain weapons, although their behavior will not change.
  • Blue Bow Soldiers were originally going to reappear in Four Swords Adventures alongside new Red Bow Soldiers, but were cut from the game.


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