Bottomless Bog

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Bottomless Bog
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Bottomless Bogs are environmental hazards in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Bottomless Bogs are quagmires of marshy water found in various locations throughout Hyrule Kingdom. If Link steps into a Bottomless Bog, he will begin to sink. If he sinks too deep, he will become fully submerged and, if he has any hearts left, will reappear outside of the Bog.[1]

Enemies that fall into a Bottomless Bog will die. Similarly, any Materials, Weapons or Rupees that fall into a Bottomless Bog will sink to the bottom and become inaccessible, unless they can be retrieved with Magnesis. Due to being a body of water, Cryonis will work on Bottomless Bogs, providing one the means of safely traversing the marshy terrain.


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