Bottle Grotto is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.



Bottle Grotto is found in Goponga Swamp on Koholint Island. The entrance is surrounded by Goponga Flowers, which Link's sword is not strong enough to cut down. In order to enter, Link must first rescue Bow-Wow, who has been abducted from Mabe Village by Moblins. They are holding him prisoner in a cave to the east of the swamp; he must battle the King Moblin to secure the pet's release. Once Link has Bow-Wow in his possession, he can then traverse the swamp safely, as Bow-Wow will consume anything that tries to attack Link. At the entrance to Bottle Grotto, Bow-Wow will eat the flowers that block Link's path, then wait patiently outside until Link has finished the dungeon.






Bottle Grotto (map)

A map of Bottle Grotto

Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

The entrance to the Bottle Grotto appears as a square on the Koholint Island DLC Adventure Mode map. Marin's Level 2 weapon, the Wavelet Bell can be obtained by achieving an A Rank in the scenario located on the square. Additionally, the Bow-Wow Headband and Delicious Mystery Seeds can be obtained in the scenario as well.

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