Boss Challenge is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The Boss Challenge menu can be accessed by examining Link's bed in his house. In Boss Challenge mode, Link can fight any of the eight bosses of the game's dungeons; Link is only able to battle bosses whom he has already defeated in the current save file, and neither Ganondorf nor Ganon may be fought.

When Link is in battle, a timer will record just how quickly Link is able to defeat a boss. The amount of times Link has defeated each boss is also recorded. When fighting a boss, Link will only have the necessary equipment to defeat the boss along with a bottle containing a restorative substance, such as Lon Lon Milk or a Red Potion. This bottle does not appear in Master Quest.

Items Provided

Boss Hearts Hearts (Master Quest) Sword Shield Tunic X Y I II (absent in Master Quest) Other Items
Queen Gohma 3 3 Kokiri Sword Deku Shield Kokiri Tunic Fairy Slingshot Deku Seeds Bullet Bag
King Dodongo 4 3 Kokiri Sword Deku Shield Kokiri Tunic Bomb x20 Lon Lon Milk Big Bomb Bag, Goron's Bracelet
Barinade 5 3 Kokiri Sword Deku Shield Kokiri Tunic Boomerang Lon Lon Milk
Phantom Ganon 6 5 Master Sword Hylian Shield Kokiri Tunic Fairy Bow (x30) Hookshot Red Potion Quiver
Volvagia 7 5 Master Sword Hylian Shield Goron Tunic Fairy Bow (x30) Megaton Hammer Red Potion Quiver
Morpha 8 5 Master Sword Hylian Shield Zora Tunic Fairy Bow (x30) Longshot Red Potion Quiver
Bongo Bongo 9 5 Master Sword Hylian Shield Kokiri Tunic Fairy Bow (x30) Lens of Truth Longshot Blue Potion Quiver, Iron Boots, Hover Boots
Twinrova 10 5 Master Sword Mirror Shield Kokiri Tunic Fairy Bow (x30) Red Potion Quiver


Once Link has defeated every boss in Boss Challenge at least once, he has the option to play a gauntlet, which is a series of consecutive fights against each of the eight bosses. When starting the gauntlet, Link will have five Heart Containers, a full Magic Meter, and the equipment necessary to defeat each boss: the Fairy Slingshot (with a full bullet bag of 30 seeds), an empty Bomb Bag (with a maximum capacity of 20), the Megaton Hammer, the Hookshot, the Lens of Truth, the Boomerang, the Fairy Bow (with a full Quiver of 30 Arrows), the Kokiri and Master Swords, all available Shields, all available Tunics, and the Goron's Bracelet. Technically, the Longshot was used against Morpha in the original battle, but the Hookshot is enough to reach the nucleus. The number of times the gauntlet is beaten and the best time is also recorded.

Treasure Chests

Upon defeating each boss, two chests will appear, a large and a small one. Inside these chests are various equipment that can be used against later bosses such as Bombs or another Heart Container, or some other objects that are useless in battle such as an Empty Bottle. However, since Twinrova is the final boss of the gauntlet, she does not leave behind any chests. Link can only choose one chest, while the other one will open and empty itself out. The items revealed are random each time Link opens the chest, and below is a chart of any possibilities.

Boss Large chest content Small chest content
Queen Gohma Deku Stick or Deku Seeds Bombs
King Dodongo Empty Bottle, Recovery Heart or Deku Nuts Empty Bottle or Heart Container
Barinade Deku Nuts or Empty Bottle Empty Bottle or Heart Container
Phantom Ganon Heart Container or Recovery Heart Big Quiver, Empty Bottle or Longshot
Volvagia Recovery Heart or Blue Potion Big Quiver, Hover Boots or Longshot
Morpha Arrows or Poe Heart Container or Hover Boots
Bongo Bongo Deku Nuts Heart Container or Red Potion

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