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"If you trust in your strength...come at me!"
— Boss Blin

Boss Blin is a character and enemy that appears in Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is a Stone Blin capable of speech who leads the Monster Forces in the Wind Waker: A New Disturbance story scenario.


Boss Blin is unique among his brethren in that he is smarter and a capable leader, able to lead his forces in driving the Helmaroc King from the Forsaken Fortress and have a giant Gohma under his command. His only goal appears to acquire more territory for the Monster Forces, and he is willing to go to any lengths to accomplish this.


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Following the defeat of Ganon by the Hyrulean Forces and Dark King Dodongo by Linkle, the evil Phantom Ganon from the Era of the Great Sea steals the Triforce of Power from Lana and uses its power to warp time and space, causing the Forsaken Fortress and the merged Wind and Earth Temples to appear in Hyrule. Soon Boss Blin and the Monster Forces appear, seizing the Forsaken Fortress and the areas around it, save for part of Windfall Island due to the intervention of the Tetra.

Wind Waker: A New Disturbance

As Tetra was defending Windfall from the Monster Forces, Link, Proxi, and the Hyrulean Forces who had been sent to investigate this new disturbance by Impa and Princess Zelda (who remained behind in Hyrule Castle), arrived and joined forces with Tetra to defend the town and combat the Monster Forces. Meanwhile, Boss Blin had turned his attention to driving out the Great Bird, Helmaroc King from its roost in the Fortress (presumably because it would not submit to serving him). After managing to drive the bird from the fortress, he turned his attention to defeating the Hyrulean Forces, using the Fortress as his base. However Tetra and Link confound the Monster Forces efforts. Eventually he summons Gohma and orders it to attack the Hyrulean Forces, however it is defeated. Eventually, Boss Blin is forced to face Link and Tetra himself after they manage to drive Helmaroc King away. Ultimately he is defeated and killed by Link and Tetra.

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Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Stone Blin Buckler (Bronze Material)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Stone Blin Helmet (Silver Material)

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