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Boons,[1] also named Killer Bees in the NES Game Atlas Nintendo Player's Guide,[2] are giant flies[3] debuting as enemies in The Adventure of Link.


Boons dwell in Eastern Hyrule, often found in plains and swamp areas and on Maze Island. They buzz around erratically, carrying Rocks that they will attempt to drop onto Link. They will also crash into him when flying low enough. To defeat them, Link must use the Jump Thrust or a well timed hit with the Sword. A Boon rewards 50 Experience upon defeat, and it drops either a Red Magic Jar or a Treasure Bag containing 200 Experience.

In other media[]

Captain N: The Game Master[]

Boons appear in the "Once Upon a Time Machine" episode of Captain N: The Game Master. While Link, Princess Zelda, Kevin, and Princess Lana are having a picnic in Hyrule, a swarm of giant Boons suddenly appear.[4] Link and Kevin easily dispose of a few of them; however, the Boons prove to be a major annoyance to the heroes since one of them takes Link's Sword, another two take the picnic cake, and their presence eventually lead to Kevin's Zapper and Power Pad getting stolen by Count Gruemon.

Spinoff appearances[]

The Faces of Evil[]

Boons in The Faces of Evil are encountered in Spearfish Falls and Lupay. They have a different behavior of flying at Link in endless numbers. Link can defeat Boons by slashing at them using his Sword. A Boon drops behind a red ruby upon being defeated.

The Wand of Gamelon[]

Boons in The Wand of Gamelon behave identically as in The Faces of Evil, but appear only in Ahitaru.


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